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GSK Africa Open Lab Challenge – up to £100,000 grant

GSK Africa Open Lab Challenge - up to £100,000 grant

GSK Africa Open Lab Challenge - up to £100,000 grant

GSK Africa Open Lab Challenge – up to £100,000 grant

Infectious diseases (IDs) such as malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and enteric diseases are among the leading causes of death globally, killing almost 9 million people each year. These diseases, which are often preventable and treatable, disproportionately affect sub-Sahara African (SSA) populations, and when left untreated, result in poor health outcomes and morbidity, higher mortality in coinfections with other infectious diseases, stigma-related mental disorders, and exacerbated social and health inequalities. Research is critical for the development and implementation of effective measures to meet the global health challenges of eliminating IDs.

Having previously funded 20 projects through the Africa NCD Open Lab until our last call for proposals in 2022, we are now calling for research proposals focussed on funding high-quality infectious disease research that has the potential to deliver significant health impact and develop future research leaders, with up to £100,000 available per award. Along with the award we offer mentoring, scientific and technical support while you conduct your innovative research project.

The deadline for applications is 29 January 2024.

The award – what’s included?


The applicant – you must meet all of the following criteria

The research project – your project must meet the following criteria

How to apply

Applications for research grants will be subject to a 2-stage review process. Only those successful at the concept stage will be invited to submit a full application. Recommendations for award funding will be made based on scientific merit.

Contact details

For IT and program related queries please contact the Supported Studies team:



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